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Opportunity is awaiting

Place: church

Poison: water

Favourite things: reflection within church services…

Opportunity is awaiting. How often do we say no to a new opportunity because we are scared and we are unwilling to take the risk.

As I walk into my last few weeks of work for a while I am more aware than ever that when a door closes, a season changes, emotions rise and somehow we begin to think the change of a season means a change to potential and opportunity.

The crazy thing is, I know from every significant life change I have experienced in my life, closed doors and endings always preceded amazing beginnings and new opportunities.

They don’t come in the packages though we always expect!

What endings are occurring in your world?
What beginnings are awakening?

Are you taking the time to recognize and create a landscape for decision to embrace them?

There is a season for everything under the sun.

Embrace the new.
Be courageous and say goodbye to the old.

I am trying to embrace this new season well?

How about you?


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