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Town of viviers

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With the exploration of names for our new little one, my husband Charl has been doing research into the history of our last name Viviers. We have found an amazing French heritage to our ancestors names and links back to a little town in Southern France called Viviers.

The history of Charl’s family and how they shifted from France to South Africa is steeped in amazing and interesting stories and conflict between people regarding their faith and the application of it in their everyday.

The Viviers shifted to France, because there was major rift in their town that resulted in bloodshed between the Catholics and the Protestants in the town.

It is amazing to me, how much our ancestors endured to stand up for what they believed in. There is so much that your ancestors endured for the freedom that you and I enjoy daily.

With our western shaped reality, I think we forget what it was like to have to live by candlelight, to worry about disease especially infant disease with no doctor present in our town, to know what it’s like to trust our water is safe and healthy…there is so much more that we take for granted; like our cars, like our education, what about the Internet, phones…

Let alone the opportunity we have to express our beliefs, views and values without any concern that we will be beheaded for them…

When you think about your today, why not give thanks for those who set you up for freedom from your yesterday.

When you find today tough, research the everyday of your ancestors 1000 years ago, perspective will knock you around a bit…

Heritage is an amazing insight.

Research yours…


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