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Place: home

Poison: juice

Favourite things: being married!

This morning was true bliss. Nothing radical, nothing to extravagant, just true contentment in the little things that make life grand.

After a generous sleep in and an early to bed (we are soaking it up pre-baby) my husband woke me with a cold glass of cranberry juice.

Simple, but lovely.

Then we both threw on our bathers and ran across the road and snorkeled. In my husbands words ‘Babe soak up the atmosphere!’ that’s him saying wow, how blessed are we!!!

Then we cruised to a local cafe and I read the paper front to back whilst eating poached eggs on toast…then my husband said ‘babe lets get you a pedicure.’

Not much more needs to be said.

I married the most lovely man in the world.

I am content.

I am happy.

It’s the little things.

Soaking up the atmosphere…


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