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Organising my life to my priorities

Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: A fan right next to me on a 35 degree day…

As I was skimming some Blogs last night, I found the most delightful daily organizer from a blog called A holy experience.

I have been reflecting a lot lately what I am going to do, when I am home all day everyday. I know our babies routine is going to be exausting, I know lots of nappy changes, long feeding routinues and hours trying to coax our baby to sleep. Then there is the washing, the cleaning, the cooking…Yes the list goes on…

I also want to take moments for myself and inspiration and dont want to fall into a land of daytime television, a hourly check of facebook and lay on the couch to catch a moment of sleep bank positive gearing.

I am sure I will do all of this, but I also want to fill my days with some priorities and stay connected in a place of inspiration. You see, I have worked in the same place for twelve years. My job has changed periodically, but have driven to, sat and eaten lunch with and stretched my mind and heart towards large endevours for a long time and I want embrace this new season well and not fall into a land of entropy.

I came accross this Daily planner and I love it!! Although it may not get used in the first six weeks, I have printed off a pile to work on organising my life to my priorities, when our baby is in a bit more of a routine.

Even if I only accomplish one thing of the list… ie- Write a blog everyday of 2012, I am winning!

Hope this helps, all credit to the writer of ‘a holy experience’ blog.

Ahhh, I feel more organised already and I havent even done anything.



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