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Late night swims with seaweed

Place: home

Poison: water

Favorite things: late night swims

After dinner my husband looked at my state of swolleness and said were going for a swim in the ocean.

I was full of delight and fear yet I was up for the adventure.

As we stepped out into the ocean, the cool humid waves lapped and we longingly looked into the sky feeling small amidst the blanket of stars.

Whilst looking up we realized we were wading through a fresh batch of seaweed that was floating carelessly.

The seaweed was annoying and scary but It made me think of our everyday.

We have opportunities to delight in the spontaneous, we are often distracted by the delightful and then occasionally those moments of beauty are interrupted by shadows that try to create fear and intimidation.

I actually feel like that’s my today, I have such hope for the future, am stunned by the reality of our new baby and it’s presence in our lives, yet there are parts of today’s shadow that I long to disappear and never return again.

Friend, stay focused on the spontaneous moonlit beach swims and the starry sparkly promise of the canopy above and do your best to let the darkness of the seaweedy, murky moments fade away.


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