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Early morning expectation

Place: home

Poison: coffee

Favorite things: the potential of a new day.

The one thing about summer that I hate and love with the equal ferocity, is the early morning wake ups.

I am a snoozer, sleep in-er, laze about, just five more minutes please type of girl. Someone who getting up early to watch the sunrise, who needs to be awake from the night before.

Summer sun brings early morning clarity.

The heat brings a discomfort to lying in.

So the love hate relationship burgeoned over the years.

Early mornings have a hue of expectation and perspective that can only be described I believe by the divine. There is a numinous sense of mercy that awakens each morning. If you’re in a place of question or delay, it comforts.

If you are confused and have questions push back the covers and awaken to the perspective of the morning.

A cup of tea in hand, a walk around the block, find a place of inspiration and wait.

It will not tarry, it’s like it can’t wait to appear, because you created the expectation for it.

Early morning expectation.

Early morning comfort is often found outside the doona.

Early morning awaken me.


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