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Multicultural Australia at its best

Place: woodman point youth camp

Poison: coke zero

Favorite things: portable air con device

It has reached 42 degree’s in Perth, I am nearly 8 months pregnant and I am at a youth camp with 250 kids celebrating Australia day.

This morning as I reflected on Australia day, whilst eating Vegemite on toast, I celebrated silently the immigrants and people groups who truly make up this great nation.

Recently the media has been whipping up a frenzy about racism and Australian pride, but I personally don’t get my values from popular culture.

I love the shades and hues of Australia, I love that my husbands groomsmen were from 6 different nations. His closest friends are Cambodian, Thai, Burmese, Russian, Maori, Afrikaans an the list goes on and on.

We are richer for living our lives deeply with these friends. The culture we share, the experiences we model, the life that is enriched from our differences.

I love a cultured, colored country. I love noodles and bubble tea, souvalaki’s and sushi. I adore Nasi goreng and Pad ra Prik, I would fly around the world for Roti, tandoori chicken and some dr pepper. I don’t need too though because it’s a part of my everyday, just like taco’s, fish and chips and guacamole.

Australia I love you just the way you are…every color under the sun, hands joined together, hearts celebrating in unity.

True blue


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