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Refresh my soul

Place: woodman point camp site

Poison: grain waves

Favorite things: chats with young people

As I dodge the 41 degree heat and watch the brilliance of teenagers, I am being made so acutely aware of the power of our souls.

I believe we all have a mind, spirit and a soul. Our souls being the emotional, personality part of us, that makes us who we are. I’m sure if it’s theologically correct or physiologically correct, but I truly feel the difference between these three.

I have moments of intuition, spirit lead unction that I can’t explain the knowledge or feeling I receive in the moment.

Then I have moments of debate, deep internal discussion that are bouncing around on the tennis court of my mind.

Separate to the two mechanisms in my daily world, I have my soul. My emotions. My response to situations that can bring fear, freedom, passion and expectancy to different circumstances.

Watching youth process a camp atmosphere, I truly see it is the realm
Of their souls that take the biggest beating in highschool, home and daily life.

Their self worth, their dreams, their quirky personalities, their life goals. It’s fear, it’s worry, it’s heaviness, that holds them back from stepping into places of freedom.

Refreshing our souls, is a very different process to stimulating our minds or empowering the Spirit in our lives.

From communicating to people we trust, to exercise and living healthy lives, to time out to reflect or taking time to journal our deepest thoughts and emotions. To express our unique genius and impress others with our talents and strengths, to overcoming adversity and helping another person win a battle.

These are the land of refreshment, these are the islands our soul creates.

However our world refuses to hold them in high esteem and young people especially don’t get many moments to find this necessary refreshment.

If you are in a place that is grey and colorless, dig deep into places of your soul and find ways to measure its current temperature, then find ways to refresh the temperature gauge and awaken your soul.



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