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Young hearts run free

Place: woodman point

Poison: water

Favorite things: the fountain of youth.

Young hearts run free!

It amazes me how teenagers believe that they are so hard done by with their emotions and crazy perspectives on life.

I see such a different picture. The freedom to express themselves. No mortgage, full time jobs, expectations or responsibility.

To see them free, happy, in love, in lust, creatively pursuing their futures, expressively finding out their personalities. They have the world at their feet and spending my days with them inspires me towards the fountain of youth.

It’s not that I want to look younger, it’s that I want to live in the moment more grasping the opportunities and living less weighed down by responsibility.

Immaturity is not my goal, by free-thinking, fresh inspiration and loving with abandonment is so heartening.

Young hearts run free…I think it should be mandatory for all adults to spend a few days with some pure hearted, spontaneous teenagers, that cynic in you will shrink and the optimist will rise.

You will get to the place where you dream again and truly believe that all things are possible, even just for a moment.

Young hearts run free.

Let your heart roam a little to a land of possibility.


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