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Place: woodman point

Poison: water

Favorite things: Sunday’s

Today marks the end of a four day camp, eight weeks of intense preparation and year long planning.

It feels sad and brilliant all at the same time.

Endings are just as important as beginnings. As this is one of my last events before maternity leave and motherhood I am acutely aware of the reality of finishing well.

So often we fall over the finish line, begging it to draw near and hoping we have done enough to complete a task and hopefully make it to the end.

Yet I believe finishing strong in whatever you are doing, sets you up for a strong position to start your next race well.

I have encountered so many people who don’t transition seasons well, who leave things half undone, half finished and wonder why new doors and opportunities seldom frequent them.

I believe a great leader, a great friend, a great character is formed and proved in the last days of a season.

How are you finishing your today, to bring strength for tomorrow?

Finish well my friend…

Tie up loose ends, ask forgiveness, tidy the rough edges, handover the reigns with diligence, let go of the responsibilities with grace, transition with detail.

You will then find yourself thrust into the new with freedom and abandonment.

Motherhood here I come!


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