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The descendants

Place: hotel

Poison: water

Favorite things: outdoor cinemas

Tonight we went to the outdoor cinemas in a winery. Aside from the discomfort of a massive 8 month and a bit belly, it was truly beautiful.

Taking time to communicate with my husband on long drives in the country, quietening ourselves before the blackened landscape from the recent bush fires and talking in depth about the movie we just watched, are just the
beginning of wealth we are storing up in our marriage this week.

The movie tonight was called ‘the descendants’ a George Cloony reality check imbued into our minds from the romantic climbs of Cape Mentelle.

The plot is very real and thankfully not Hollywood styled. It didn’t finish with a neat, nice soppy ending, it created an opportunity for a reality check for every viewer if they were willing to undertake the scrutiny.

From teenage drug taking to infidelity, to workaholicalism to child appropriate conversations, to the shortness of life, loving without conditions and forgiveness or living without regret.

These are just some of the themes that subtlety bubbles throughout the movie and provoked a long stream of conversation between us on the drive home.

The biggest theme that confronted me was this question ‘what am I doing in my today, that is going to adversely affect my marriage tomorrow?’

In the film, it was an affair for the wife and workaholic disposition for the husband. For the family allowing children to disrespect their parents and behavior that created the disrespect in the first place…

These are tough circumstances, but if a reality check had have happened in any of their lives five years earlier, the consequences of awry decisions may have been avoided.

What is in my today, that is going to severely impact my tomorrow?

Is it my self esteem?
Is it my defensive nature?
Is it unforgiveness?
Is it regret or bitterness?
Is it an inability to let the past remain there?
Is it a critical spirit?
Is it a need for work to fill a void in my own self perception?
Is it a lack of reverence for a higher being?
Is it selfishness?
Is it spite?
Is it judgmentalism of others?

I could write the list all night…

Everyone of us have conditions of our heart that will ultimately enable decisions to be made that are beneficial for our future or catastrophic…

Search my heart and know me, find if there is any wrong in me and lead me to everlasting life.

I want to guard my heart above all else, so the decisions I make in my today build fresh hope, love and peace into my tomorrow.

If there is anything that has the potential to bring bitterness, strife and unforgiveness, I pray I would have the courage to change.


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