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Longing for more

Place: dunsborough

Poison: green tea

Favorite things: sleep ins

Every heart was created to long…

To pine, to dream, to wish and hope for something more.

It gives the human heart a reason for existence and the potential to believe for something more.

What happens though when your longing is delayed?

What happens when the desire of your heart tarries?

That longing hurts, that longing burns, that longing wanes…

Today is a day that I know too well, a day where for years hope became dim and my heart tarried.

Valentines day is a beautiful expression of love that should be displayed daily, but for one day a year is brought out into the foreground to creatively express thankfulness for love.

However I know the pain that many would be feeling today, because for many years I felt like the last man standing, I felt like that longing in my heart would never be consumed, I felt rejected!

What do you do when it seems like everyone around you is valentine-ing?

What do you do when the last thing you want to do is put on a happy face and text your girls and tell them you love them just to have a fit in and feel that you have expressed something?

What do you do with the disappointment that stares you in the face on V morning, declaring the many possible reasons why you find yourself single again?

I don’t want to be trite, because I know the depths of this despair I felt the many years I awoke with no red card in my mailbox. Even the years where I checked just in case, knowing that walk to the mailbox was futile.

Today I want to encourage you dear friend though, to increase that longing, even though it is painful, even though it seems pointless. Don’t shut down, switch off and remove yourself from the world. Press in, engage and grow that part of you that not many people see.

Increase the longing…

I know it hurts, but there is nothing more unattractive than a bitter, twisted, unforgiving soul who hates the red shaped world with passion.

Find a way to hope again.

Believe that you can interact with people and let the past go.

Hope for a better future, because my dreams did come true, but not without pain or perseverance.

I truly believe there is a person for everyone!

It’s whether you have the guts to confront your weaknesses and deal with your past and pain, leaving behind your yesterday and stepping boldly into your tomorrow…

Deal with the dark recesses of your heart, that are shadowing your potential for tomorrow.

Learn how to communicate effectively and presently.

Let go of defensive behaviors that push people away.

Let your brilliance shine!

Hope for a better tomorrow dear friend.

Forget about valentines day and allow its heartache to create a longing for a better tomorrow.

What can you change?

Then start with that.

Hopefully one day you will be able to sit with me and confidently say ‘Longing fulfilled!’

All my love,

I’m thinking of you today.


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