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Creativity the product of boundaries

Place: hotel

Poison: icecream

Favorite things: rental movies on my iPad

Reading a baby book by the pool today, I read a line regarding children and their rearing that stopped me in my tracks…

‘creativity is the product of boundaries, not freedom. With absolute freedom there is no need for creative or innovative thinking.’

Bang on!

I have known this for years, but to read it in a book called ‘Babywise’, which is all about routine and it’s absolute necessity for newborns, reinforced a creative rule I follow to the letter!

I meet so many creative people who are without routine and without structure. Just like a newborn baby, they want to eat, sleep, play, create; whenever they feel like it rather than at set time with routine.

One reason why I am attempting a 366 day writing season, is the routine it brings me through a season of immense change, creates boundaries that instigate and promote innovation.

Most would think the more you write the less you have to say. Where as I find, the more regularly I write the more I have to say…

Boundaries are beneficial.

Just like the necessity of routine for newborns, for creativity to thrive boundaries are imperative.

What routines/boundaries can you implement to bring creative freshness to your everyday?


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