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Place: the doctors

Poison: water

Favorite things: max in a hoody!

Today is the day. It’s a day of pain, a day thy has been reckoning. Not one that I have been counting down with happiness, in fact I left this one for Charl.

Last week when I was in hospital with my boys, a little child was next door to us getting an IV drip put in and his reaction to the pain made me cry.

Right now Charl is holding Max as our doctor gives him his first round of immunizations.

I know today is painful, but the pain of a sick child, if we didn’t create some of these immunities would be even greater.

Today was another day of pain I have been putting off. I went back to the gym for the first time since our pregnancy and birth season.

Both of these painful events, prevent future chaos by creating health.

What is it that you have been putting off because of pain?

What immunizations in the form of hard conversations, exercise, cutting of bad habits that need to happen to prevent future pain?


Ps- Max is as happy as anything, he’s not even crying. What a little champ!!

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