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Place: home

Poison: nandos

Favorite things: lazy Sundays

There are a few thoughts rolling around in my head tonight that make me feel unsure.

I don’t feel sad, I am just unsure how I feel.

A little weird I know, but somedays I do feel unsure.

Surety is all about certainty. Certainty is about clarity.

So being unsure is being in a place of uncertainty and feeling unclear.

It’s okay though because sometimes clarity for me, especially in seeking what God is saying about some subjects just takes time.

We can’t click our fingers and expect an answer from God. I believe the whole journey of trust with an unseen, hidden but present God is times when we wait.

Waiting often makes me feel unsure.

Lots of thoughts stirring in me right now, thoughts of letting go, thoughts of forgiveness, thoughts of the future, thoughts of what if?

I believe to find clarity in the midst of thoughts of this nature, it’s okay to have a few days of unsure.

It’s always darkest right before the dawn. Times of uncertainty have the potential to awaken deep revelation.

Unsure but its really okay.

Hope comes in the morning.



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