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Place: car

Poison: coke zero vanilla

Favorite things: coke zero vanilla

Today as I sat post-workout waiting for my husband I watched the sun reflect off a simple setting.

As I sat for 10 minutes or so, I quietly reflected on the last 30days.

I have been more intentional through the month of April, to creatively encourage people, to write my blog everyday, to exercise and generally live more intentionally.

I have a little man who has grown from 4 weeks old to 8 weeks old, I have clicked over the one year mark in my marriage, flown on an aero plane with my son for the first time, started my connect group again, camped in a caravan for Easter, baked a crazy birthday cake for my Goddaughter, been to movie world on some crazy roller coasters and so much more…

How much we humans fit into a month. It’s amazing when we are more intentional how we can learn from the everyday moments. The highs, lows and the boring beige in betweens…

Today I have been thinking about what I have learnt this month. And I believe it’s been about living intentionally.

It’s reflecting upon the everyday moments and looking for inspiration in the normal. It is available, we just have to look for it.

Taking time to reflect is a very under valued use of our time in our results based economy. Yet it’s not until months or years later that we reap the rewards of deep reflection.

To allow the everyday to pass, without simple reflection, is easy.

When we take time to locate ourselves and our feelings, take time to search out inspiration and wisdom life takes on a whole nother hue.

Loved sharing inspirational April with you, my focus for may is most defineatly all about my health and loosing some of my baby weight.

Reflect often but live light!

All my love and lots of cups of tea




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