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Innovating and scuba

Place: home

Poison: water

Favorite things: yoghurt and honey

Last year I scuba dived for the first time and today I spoke briefly about some lessons I learnt scuba diving about creativity.

1) take calculated risks-

When we learnt to Scuba dive it was a risk. Going under the water, with an oxygen tank, the predators, the equipment, it is always a risk. Just like creative pursuits. Whether we are knitting a scarf for Mothers day or creating a production for thousands there is always risk.

However I find a lot of creative people take risks, (because that is one of the most exciting parts about living on the edge as an artist) but they are often not well planned or executed. Equalling disaster.

Although the disaster of creative pursuit is no where near as drastic as a scuba diving accident, I believe the calculation required in planning and preparation for creative risks is just as valid.

2) clear communication-

When we learnt to dive, we couldn’t speak under water, so we had to learn sign language to communicate clearly.

I believe every creative pursuit, whether a painting, a production, a book or a photo is communicating something. Sometimes however, we are unclear about what we are communicating so the creative pursuit seems confused and unclear.

When we clearly outline in our preparation what we are wanting to communicate, I believe the final product is so much more accessible by the consumer.

3) keep it simple-

I believe the best art, the most accessible productions, the clearest manuscripts are those that are succinct and simple.

As we scuba dived, I had to remember the simple rules to maintain my buoyancy and enjoy the amazing wonders under the sea. If I breathed to heavily I would have to go up sooner, draining my oxygen. If I swam too fast I also would lose oxygen and therefore the amount of time underwater.

Creativity often is described as fringe, arty and confusing. I believe the most amazing creative pursuits are those that connect the artist with the consumer and create a simple connection.

I love creativity in all it’s forms and I long to learn as much about it as I can.

Hope these simple thoughts about Scuba diving and innovation have inspired you in someway.

What are some lessons you have learnt about creativity?



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