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the simple things

Place: My Desk

Poison: Pepsi Max

Favourite Things: My little man sleeping

Max is now 10 weeks old. In his ten weeks of living, we have only given him a couple of baths.

Does our little man smell?

No, we have just decided to give him showers instead.

This morning though, I thought the time had come to bring out the baby bath we spent a fortune on setting up for our little one.

He absolutely loved it. Loved it, is actually an understatement, he gah-ed and goo-ed, smiled and batted his long eyelashes at me.

Its the simple things hey.

Often we are so complicated about life. We spend hundreds on trying to find happiness in a new pair of jeans, we spend hours on the internet asking and hoping that someone will like our status update on social media, we hang about holding our phone hoping someone will call.

Yet often it is the little things in life that really make us thrive. A warm bath, a candle lit over dinner, a roast cooked by a friend, a letter in the mail that is not a bill, a walk along the ocean with a listening ear.

The simple things.

Have you complicated your life looking for happiness?

Are you placing high expectations on someone or something, always being let down?

Why don’t you run a bath, light a candle, phone a friend, go to the movies, read a good book. Just find a little time to do something simple that changes your perspective on your circumstance today.

Life wasn’t designed to be so complicated.

Often we are the ones that over think the answers sometimes.

If only Max’s baby bath was big enough for me to fit in it…


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  1. But your bath is big enough for Max to fit in it!! 😉 Bathing with Jess are some of my happiest memories of Jess as a young baby.

    I don’t say it often enough, and I don’t get to read it as regularly as I would like, but I love to read your blog and be inspired to better things xxx

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