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Date night

Place: home

Poison: peach and soursop iced tea

Favourite things: a new scarf I’m crocheting

We have a 10 week old baby and getting out on a date is never an easy one, with feeding and all but spending time together alone is imperative.

The whole date night phenomenon has in some circles gotten a bad reputation, but for us it’s treasured.

We don’t need to spend heaps of money, just spend some effort.

So tonight we set the table, lit a candle, put Max to bed, cooked some steak, tossed a beautiful salad, turned the tv off, played some favourite tunes and date night began.

We are not religious about it, as the movie with the same turkey revealed. A couple that went to the same restaurant , with the same baby sitter, ordered the same meal, had the same conversation and both were completely bored out of their minds.

We try to remain spontaneous, allowing each other the attention to keep out relationship fresh and alive.

When did you spontaneously date your nearest and dearest?

Be spontaneous sometime soon…



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