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Singled out

Place: the car

Poison: nandos

Favourite things: getting excited for my first mothers day!

Tonight we hung out with one of the most amazing single mums. She is raising three kids by herself and we really wanted to honor her this mothers day weekend.

Now that I have a little one myself I am astounded at the sheer courage it must take to raise children alone.

The bible is very clear that we are to look after the widows and the orphans. I think our society is great at the moment looking out for the orphans. It is the latest fad, to be involved with social justice.

But what about the widows. The women who are raising children without fathers. The fathers who are raising children without mothers. Our society is full of them.

Not that we should feel sorry for them, or patronize them, but we are commanded to love and care and provide for them.

The government is not required to care for them, families are not called to provide for them, the church and it’s people are required to provide for them.

Who do you know in this category?

When was the last time you encouraged them?

Maybe tomorrow is that day.

Mothers day for the single mums and
Dads and also the women who desperately want to have children and cannot is one of the most desolate days of the year.

We can change that.

You can change that.

Encourage someone this weekend.

For all those who feel singled out. I pray tomorrow is a day of hope for you…



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