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Playing around

Place: the couch

Poison: Pepsi max

Favorite things: fish

Over the last 24 hours I have been working on the layout of this blog. I have been pushed and cajoled by my husband to start taking it all a little more seriously.

Out came my thinking brain and I started creating.

I really had no idea what I was doing, but I believe one of the greatest keys to creativity is having a playful spirit.

In Australian ‘mucking around’.

When we play around with something, facing fear of failure in the face and having a go.

I had no idea about building websites, I have no idea what a widget is, what plug ins are, but google, YouTube and just having a go became my gameplan.

If you want to create, you need to play around.

Grab a coffee, take a deep breath and just have a go.

Playing around!

Hope you like it…



1 thought on “Playing around

  1. Love the new layout, everything is accessible, & easy to navigate. Love the slide show of your instragrams & rotating twitter posts!! Great job!!

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