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Place: home

Poison: water

Favourite Things: memories of yesterday

As I reflect on yesterday I am still basking in its glow.


After years of waiting, a dream was realized.

One of the hardest parts of my journey towards mummy hood and marriage was waiting in expectation and not allowing disappointment to break my stride.

The greatest hurdle was patience. Waiting in peace for the prize.

How do we wait with patience?

From the little things, like waiting in a queue at the shopping centre, to the big opportunities in life like that car you’ve always wanted, a partner to share your life with or that book you’ve longed to publish.


I’m not sure I have it down, but the bible speaks about patience being a fruit of the spirit. It grows as our relationship with the spirit grows.

Patience grows when we humble ourselves and prefer others first.

Patience grows when we silence our inner critic and be quiet in times when we want to scream, whine and whinge.

Patience grows when we listen, patience grows when we breath deeply in times of deep frustration.

Patience grows.

It’s not something that just arrives in our lap.

It grows.

In a society that thrives on the immediate, patience is not encouraged often, however in the land of the spirit patience is a language that promotes growth, character and resilience.

As noble as patience is, it bloody hurts!

Deep breath



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