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Place: Nandos

Poison: water

Favourite things: the gym

This afternoon I heard some news that has really confused me. Its news about something I care about deeply and sometimes it just takes time to process.

We all have days where we find out news that can stop us in our tracks and realistically in life it’s how we process these moments that make or break people.

How do you process big news items?

Do you gossip with friends?

Do you process with your nearest and dearest?

Do you hide away and ignore your feelings?

Do you tell everyone and anyone your feelings and your summations?

I have learnt that it is not wise to talk to everyone and anyone when you are confused, but it’s also not wise to keep your thoughts internalized either.

Find safe friends, find a safe space and take time to allow the news to settle.

Making big changes in the midst of confusion also is not the answer.

Taking time to reflect and review. Taking time to understand and process.

Often I find people react to news rather than respond.

To respond is to consider carefully and to take time to breathe.

The best life decisions are made in moments of clarity.

If you feel confused, be slow to speak and be slow to make decisions.

Retreat into a safe space of reflection and allow the confusion to fade.

Time always brings an answer, if you give it space to arise.

I’m not sure in this moment, but that’s okay.

I actually feel really peaceful in this space because I have amazing people to process my confusion with.

How about you?



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