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Place: on the couch

Poison: green rose tea

Favourite things: a cleaning husband!

It’s so difficult to see a chapter close in your life, when you don’t know the end of the story.

Are you someone that flicks to the end of the book and reads the ending, to postpone the frustration of the journey?

I don’t go that far but the suspense nearly kills me.

When I start a good book, I will lay on my bed in a couple of sittings and thrash it.

I can’t do this with my life though.

A new chapter is burgeoning at the moment and the suspense is killing me.

A change is in the air…

We’re considering greener pastures, we’re considering our future, we’re considering our journey and a new chapter has begun.

What do you do when you are considering big decisions and you don’t know the end of the story?

What do you do when decisions are forced upon you by circumstances beyond your control?

What do you do when you don’t know the end of the story?

I believe we need to trust in a power greater than our own, who I believe does know the end of the story.

In fact I believe he sets the plot line of our stories and authors our life.

Even though we make decisions that can change the tone of the chapter, he is at work in bringing the whole book to completion with his outcomes.

If the chapter you find yourself in right now is a little puzzling, just wait upon the author of life.

He will unveil a little bit of the story, piece by piece.

Enjoy the suspense and thrill of the written prose.

Find comfort in the overall outcome.

It truly is his problem not yours…

Chapter after chapter he is at work.

Allow Him to have his way.



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