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Crafty generations

Place: bed

Poison: toothpaste

Favourite things: mail

On February 11th 2012, a package was sent from stallenbosch, South Africa on mission towards Shoalwater Australia.

Mail is not that reliable in South Africa, so being Mid May, we were sure this mission had failed.

Tonight at 7.30pm though, the mail man on his last job for the evening finished the mission of these little parcels as he signed them over to my care.

Charls Granma, being Max’s great Ouma, sent this package all the way from South Africa, full of love and hand made ancient crafts.

The generations of the Viviers have played with these particular knitted and crafted toys and now the new generation of Viviers will do also.

The most beautiful knitted rug, two bears and two mice that tell the story of the three blind mice tale.

They are exquisite. So carefully made, by a great grandmother, who made them match the color scheme of Max’s room.

Mostly, she just took care. She took care to create a little toy, the style that was played with by his namesake his great grandfather Andries.

There are the most delightful generational crafts that have been given to Max, that I am sure he will never know the beauty and the care that were taken to deliver them to our shores.

Today he wore jeans from Scotland with a top from new Zealand, he is wearing a sleep suit from Kuala lumper and has today received toys handmade in South Africa.

Generational crafts are to be treasured.

I know we all love the latest and greatest toy, excited by its promises…

There is nothing quite like a Great- Granma knitted toy, it kinda smells like love and care.

Hand down crafts to the next generation, I think it creates a home.



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