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Place: bed

Poison: toothpaste

Favourite things: the power outage

Today I spent part of my afternoon with an amazing young lady who is passionate about all things creative.

To sit and simply talk about creativity, management and event coordination was really stimulating, for this little novice house mum!

The thing that truly impressed me today was her preparation and also her willingness to learn. She came with questions and outlines, she was open to mentoring and assistance.

It is really hard to mentor people who are unsure of what they want out of the mentoring relationship.

Clear questions, clear intentions and clear boundaries are so important.

Have you ever thought about being mentored?

If you have the opportunity to be mentored, have you prepared enough to get the best out of the relationship?

Is there anyone you would like to be mentored by yet haven’t had the courage to ask?

Life coaching or mentoring is such a valid and important process in life seasonal changes. Yet we often are slow in asking for help.

We all need to be mentored, either by people in our world or from afar.

Blogs can mentor, books can mentor, podcasts can mentor.

You can be mentored via skype, a coffee, a counseling session, a workshop, a lunch, a catch up…the list is endless.

A personal trainer, a teacher, a wise old nun, a friend.

The most important asset for the mentor however is a mentoree that comes prepared with questions, ready and open minded enough to listen.

I think I better book another catch up with my mentor.



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