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Place: Country Road Cafe

Poison: Flat White

Favourite things: the train

Today, a trip to the city feels like an overseas holiday.

I came to share my story with a group of women in the city and have delighted in the small things just wondering around with no agenda.

Today I feel like I have space.

You know wide open pasture type of space.

Some might think its a entry less diary, but to me it’s wide open freedom.

In a scripture it says ‘I will bring you into a wide open space’.

I never really understood what that meant until today. I didn’t know what it felt like to have a afternoon in the city going from one place to the next without purpose.

To smile at a random lady, just because I can. To evade the stare of a old man, who just didn’t make me feel comfortable. To live free from worry and cares.

How rare is it to have space in our cluttered worlds?

Do you pack your life so full that you don’t have any room to move?

When was the last time you walked our city having a holiday at your doorstep?

You don’t need to go on a trip overseas to experience that delightful lost feeling.

Jump on the train, walk the back streets of our city, grab a takeaway and see where the journey takes you.

We all need a little space.

Why not create an afternoon of it tomorrow, you won’t regret it.



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