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Giving up

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Poison: spicy orange tea

Favourite things: downtown abbey

I am considering the new month that is nearly upon us. As I reflect upon my novice motherhood journey and my day to day inspiration levels, I have found my time is wasted away by one particular object.

The television!

Instead of reading books that quench my soul, I reach for the remote all too quickly.

Instead of inspirational music to create an atmosphere of fresh creativity, I often have the television as the audio track of my activity.

Sometimes the television keeps me trapped in the morning as I endeavor to motivate myself out of my sleeping attire.

The television can suck us into its black cavity and I believe take away the opportunity for fresh inspiration.

What is your black hole?

What consumes your energy and time?

What can you give up for June that will create space for the new?

Take time to reflect on your time wasters and take a months holiday from them. You never know what new discoveries you may uncover.



2 thoughts on “Giving up

  1. Amps!
    If you were to read my last blog post you’d see that in giving up the.exact.same.things for June!

  2. And by in I mean *I’m 😉

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