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151 days

Place: Bed

Poison: toothpaste

Favourite things: hearing the lullabies play in my sons room.

Tonight after 151 posts, 151 days, two seasons summer and autumn, today I have a little writers block.

Finding something unique to say after 151 posts seems tonight a little difficult but the truth is the more we write, the more we find.

The more we speak, the easier it is. The more we produce the quicker it unveils, the more we create the easier the flow…

Creativity and inspiration definitely thrives in the healthy space of everyday.

Going to the gym is actually easier when you go everyday.

Eating healthy is so much easier when it is a part of your everyday.

Journaling and reading is so much more fulfilling when it happens everyday.

A habit is formed when you do something everyday.

Tomorrow is the first day of winter, it’s the first day of June, it’s the first day of a month…

Why don’t you start something for everyday in June or for a season?

A habit is formed everyday.

As of tomorrow for the month of June I am not watching television.

It sounds pretty simple if you are working full time and out of the house alot.

However with a newborn, who sleeps a lot, who needs to be warm and cosy in this winter season, being at home often is a necessity.

Being at home a lot, means the big black rectangle in our lounge room keeps me company, but fills my mind and my inspiration space with lots of bubble gum for my mind.

It chews up space, but gives me no nourishment or sustenance.

So tomorrow morning at 5am when I am feeding my son, I am going to put music on, light a candle, do anything except flick on the tv and I’m not sure I can do it.

But it just takes one day…that shifts into another day…that moves into that day…that becomes everyday.

My everyday blog commitment is now 151, 215 to go…

A habit is formed by the everyday!



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