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Gym lightweight

Place: the gym

Poison: water

Favourite things: podcasts

Here I am at the gym.

I am lightweight baby…

It is a struggle to get out of my car, I zone out and watch tv on the treadmill to make the time go faster, I people watch and think about anything but the pain awaiting.

My husband is a personal trainer, he competed at the world championships for body building and all his hero’s are athletes. Go figure!

Even though it’s a effort, exercising everyday is a huge part of my inspiration effort.

This month of June I have given up watching tv and day one I walk in and am surrounded by tvs…my coping mechanism in this house of torture has been ripped from underneath me.

Step up to the plate.

A thought crossed my mind, go on plug your earphones in, no one will know…

The thing is this lie is not impacting anyone else except me.

My tv fast, is not about tv. My tv fast is not about you…

It’s all about me finding new spaces to engage my mind in fresh places that are normally filled with the news, soapies, morning television and generally just white noise.

So I pulled out my iPhone, loaded up a podcast and settled in for a fresh awakening.

What places in your life are you lightweight baby?

Is it reading?
Is it listening?
Is it cleaning out clutter?
Is it exercise?
Is it eating?

We all have places where excuses replace common sense, we all have secrets that try to ensnare our hearts, we all have traps that tempt us.

Face your places of debt.

Face your moments of fear.

Doesn’t matter if your lightweight baby, pick up your earphones, confront that weakness with truth and create a new path today.



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