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Epic fail

Place: home

Poison: diet cordial

Favourite things: max meeting his Ouma and Opa for the first time tonight.

Charls mum and dad flew in from New Zealand tonight to meet max for the first time.

We were both so excited and so expectant for this momentous occasion. I can’t imagine how exciting it would be to meet your grandchild for the first time.

So I was on my best behavior and so wanted the night to be super special.

And it most definitely was. We had dinner, have hired the most beautiful holiday home close by the shack and it is a memory to be treasured.

I was cooking up a storm ready for some inlaw love…

I made macaroons for the first time and they were a Epic fail. I couldn’t find a hand mixer so I was trying to beat the egg whites by hand, I left some of them in the oven too long. They were all odd shapes, nowhere even like the delightful delicacies from Zumbo in Sydney.

Although I failed at my first attempt, I had an absolute ball trying something new. I put the music up loud, I lit some candles and I had a go.

Everything in me wanted to have the news in the background and watch tv, but I never gave in.

Although the macaroons didn’t look perfect, they tasted amazing.

Although I would never win masterchef with them, our little family created a simple memory tonight.

If I was a perfectionist, I would have thrown them away and not presented them out of fear of rejection.

No, we laughed and then ate them.

The epic fail turned to an epic win, just because I had a go.

What are you stopping yourself from doing because you are afraid to fail?

What have you stopped your family from making a special memory because of perfection?

Epic fails can always be turned into epic wins it just takes a sense of humor and a massive dose of humility.

Failure is not embarrassing.

I believe never trying anything new because of fear is an embarrassment.

Live scared today.

Try something new.

Keep it real.



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