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Place: in bed at 7pm

Poison: diet cordial

Favourite things: our friends and family gathered

Cakes were made, cheese platters set, wine uncorked, booklets collated, roses picked, candles lit and friends gathered.

Today we celebrate Maximus Viviers baby dedication. In a little old chapel built by my uncle we sang. We read scripture and we celebrated a little moment.

I love ritual.

Not for rituals sake, but I love it because it marks a moment, it defines a beginning and most importantly for me it gathers people.

To raise a glass and toast, to chat and share a story, to eat good cake and smile.

These things are important and they make life long memories.

What memories have you missed by not including little rituals in your life?

What effort have you forgone that could have made something a little special?

Celebrate family rituals today. Start new traditions.

Life is colored by the moments that are denoted as special.

Today was one of them for us.

Forever blessed by my little man.



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