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Place: holiday home

Poison: lamb salad

Favourite things: family

What an amazing day, cloudy wintery blue, afternoon sun, family, long lunches, boys drinking brandy, girls cups of tea, spa pool bubbling, cashew nuts in abundance, music crooning and I am in love.

Having our extended family here celebrating Max’s arrival is so heartening. To see him responding to the generation that’s gone before is really exciting.

We have hired a beautiful cottage together and have walked the beach, had long conversations and enjoyed being with one another.

I know family can be stretching, often my family tend to bring out my worst. They know me well and can press my buttons. My reactions can be sharp and short because I know they will always love me and forgive quickly.

Finding new and interesting ways to interact with family is not just a good idea it’s imperative.

Finding ways to let go of deep past hurts and believing the best is not easy but so important.

Finding life in the midst of crazy conversations is heartening.

The bible has story after story of families that have not traversed history well. Times when love is deeply lost and heartache is heavily carried.

Is there someone in your family today that you need to forgive?

Is there something you need to arrange to make family another priority in your today?

Is there a new tradition you can begin to breathe fresh life into your extended relationships?

Family is not always easy, but it is necessary.

Find ways to embrace diversity in your extended family today.

You never know what you are sowing into your future!



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  1. Sometimes I just think that your blogs pull thoughts right out of my head!!

    I have a dramatic family…. It’s starting to wear on me! But you are right.. Making that connection, as best as I can is probably important.

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