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Spa conversations

Place: bed

Poison: cordial

Favourite things: old pjs

Today was such a great day with family. They are so in love with our new little package and he is being such a delight.

We meandered through today, not much to do…

A little shopping, a little eating, a little music on the side, a little walking on the beach, a little fishing, a little nap…a little bit of this and that…a little day of meandering was had.

The afternoon delight included all adults jumping in the spa pool at the cottage we have hired.

There is something about hanging around in hot water that brings about conversation!

Conversation of where couples first met, conversations about generations gone by, conversations about hopes for the future…dreaming, talking, listening…

Spa pools have a great reputation for long conversations.

In our family we had one in the middle of the house and it was such a great place of conversation.

Where do you create a space of conversation for those closest in your world?

Do you shut down conversation?

Are you open to deep conversation?

A life of shallow interactions I believe will be a life wanting more.

We were all created for deep communication and when humans don’t get it, they crave the connection and will do anything to find it.

Do you watch people melt down on social media? Often they are craving conversation and attention.

Do you notice children melting down and acting out? Often they are craving attention and parental contact.

Are you melting down and acting out? Are you perhaps craving deep connection and attention from people?

You may not have a spa pool available, you may not even be that good at conversation, but what relaxed place can you start to open this place of contact and communication?

Late night as people are going to sleep? A regular coffee date? Skype? Letters? A counsellor? Lunch?

Create space for communication.

It will unlock amazing security in your world and those you care about.



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