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Road trippin

Place: dunsborough

Poison: water

Favourite things: family holidays

We updated our iPods, packed our cars, filled our car with petrol and headed down south.

There is nothing like a long drive, there is nothing like getting away from the city and driving through the country, there is nothing like a mini break in your own backyard.

Our backyard is a place locals call ‘down south’. A plethora of wineries, art galleries, restaurants and breweries. Dark green trees, with bright red dust, rough and wild beaches.

There is something so beautiful about the south west of western Australia and nothing says rest to me more than clicking through the wild forest along the highway and coming into winery country.

It doesn’t take much to plan a little mini break. Many people say that finances restrict them from taking a break, but you can get away on a budget, there are so many options for every situation.

I know of a place you can stay for ten dollars a night, up to thousands of dollars a night. It’s not about the cost, it’s about just packing up getting away and making your family a priority,

It’s about reading, playing games, cooking together, afternoon naps, long conversations, wine tasting, latte sipping, art perusing, little shop looking, long and late breakfast consuming.

When was the last time you took a short mini break?

When was the last time you just took off and drove for hours at a time and felt the stress of the city roll behind you?

When are you planning your next break?

Deep breath in, then out!

Love it…


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