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Place: dunsborough

Poison: Pepsi max

Favorite things: rain dripping slowly

All through the night the rain drum played, making everyone a little sleepy, everyone a little tired. All through the morning the rain drum beats, making everyone a little snuffly, making everyone need a little more sleep.

There is something that rain brings about emotions that often can’t be explained. A little crazy, a little less motivated, a little grey.

Whatever shade of grey the rain makes you feel, it’s a great opportunity to stay inside and play.

Find ways to experiment indoors. From
Reading, to cooking, to games or long bottomless coffees. Mostly allow the emotions the day uncovers to arise.

Today we are not staying in and are attempting to tour some wineries. This might be a big flop, but we are exploring despite the rain. Mixed emotions…

Allow the rhythm of the rain to allow your thoughts and feelings to emerge. Don’t deny them. Embrace them.

Repressing our thoughts and emotions only encourage them to come back another time with more force.

Unaddressed emotions have a way of resurfacing and causing havoc.

Hope the rain brings you some relief today.



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