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Finding a new dream

Place: dunsborough

Poison: Margaret river chocolate

Favourite things: tangled the movie

Tonight we introduced our inlaws to the movie Tangled.

One of the delightful characters is a horse, one with much character and pizazz and his name is Maximus.

So four grown adults and no child in sight watched a Disney movie together, boys with beers in hand, girls with crochet. What a funny evening we had!

One scene in the movie got me thinking…

It was the scene where repunzel sings and delights a pub full of scoundrel men to dream. She implores them to dream again. Asking ‘Whats your dream?’

As I listened to the song, I reflected and thought…what’s my dream? Truly what am I dreaming about.

As I sat with my husband and his parents, with baby Maximus fast asleep, on a holiday I realized I have stopped dreaming.

The reason I have stopped dreaming is because as cliche as it sounds, my dream has come true.

I dreamed about being married.

I dreamed about being a mum.

I dreamed about working in ministry full time at a church.

I dreamed about writing a book.

All of those dreams at one point in time seemed so unattainable.

Honestly I went through seasons thinking they would never happen.

Yet here I am, all those dreams that kept me awake at night have been realized.

And honestly it feels quite strange.

I love it, but living in a place of plenty not a place of lack is just as uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable because so easily you settle in. You stop dreaming, so you stop stretching, because all that you have longed for has arrived.

Tonight in the midst of a disney cartoon I realized something very profound.

I need to find a new dream.

I don’t want to loose the love and delight of this season, but I also need to find a place of lack, a place of desire, a place of stretch and find a new dream.

I need to seek. Seek the one who is the author of our dreams and listen.

To ponder, to journal, to draw, to paint, to write.

I need to find space to delight upon the potential. To write goals, to think beyond, to promise myself and others to keep believing.

I need to find a new dream.

I need to allow myself to wander in the land of promise, delighting in the dalliance.

I need to dream again.

How about you?



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