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leadership confessions

Place: my desk

Poison: Apple and french earl grey tea

Favourite Things: finishing off creative presents for friends

Today was a little milestone.

A simple one, yet inspiring.

I listened to a podcast for the first time in a couple of years.

Yes, this is my leadership confession.

I believe in the power of education, I believe whole heartedly in learning and the internet has provided a plethora of information for us to digest.

The problem is a few years ago I stood in front of a chasm and I struggled to jump over it.

There were quite a few leaders in my world who started to falter. I watched friends fall down, I questioned acquaintances and their ugly ambition…I was rocked to my core.

Back then I was a John Maxwell groupie, I had the books, went to the conference and brought the t shirt. I listened to every podcast available, I brought the study guide and I wore the long jacket.

Only problem was I was surrounded by fakes. More fakes than a Kuala Lumpur chinatown market. People who said the right things, yet lived a life that showed a shadow life and I found myself walking in their footsteps,

I stood at that chasm and I questioned God. I stood at that chasm and I saw many prayers not being answered. I stood at that chasm and did not throw out my maker but threw away all types of formula.

From my daily routines, my book reading, my false preaching, my long coat wearing, my journal filling. I stopped, took a deep breath for a while and God took me on a humbling journey.

A journey that taught me formula does not equal fulfilment.

A journey that showed me pride definitely comes before a fall.

A journey that implored me to live beyond the three point sermon and to find a new dialogue, a new way.

So I said goodbye to the props I relied upon and went freestylin with my Main Man.

Today my free styling took me back to my iTunes account and my friends the podcasts were found again…I downloaded some wisdom and I listened to a great message and its refreshment for my new season was palpable.

My leadership confession maybe a instigator to remind you to mix up your rhythm or you may want to download a couple of sermons and see what inspires.

No matter your flavour, I think the key lesson learnt is to pursue truth. Don’t rely upon other peoples revelation but seek your own.Podcasts, books, blogs, journals, life coaching, all have their place. Yet they will never replace a fresh, daily journey with a God that meets specifically and uniquely with every single individual.

The question is, Where are you at today?


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  1. I’ve often searched for truth and not only have I been found wanting, empty, confused and unfulfilled as ive gotten lost along the way of the persuit of the answers to the questions that burdens my heart so.

    I have also been at fault so often for emerging myself into the depths of the theologies of others for the sake and in the name of convenience instead of patiently, through faith seeking true life altering revelation through the Holy Spirit.

    So here is to carefully consideration of who we let speak into our lives and subsequent effects of the quite and prayerfull contemplation and application thereof!

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