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My Peace cathedral

Place: outside

Poison: French earl grey

Favourite things: this moment

Tonight I just took a photo with my phone and it represents the beauty of my day.

I decided a pj day was in order. Seeking peace through good music, reading and generally just lounging around.

We seek for peace in many places, but often it is right on our doorstep awaiting discovery.

Is it the quiet of your house at lunch on a break?

Is it a park that beacons yet we ignore it’s pull?

Is it the ocean a few steps away that is glistening as the sunsets over its shores?

There are moments of peace that can be awakened.

Where is your cathedral?

There are cathedrals in moments, there are sacred spaces awaiting discovery.

Deep breath, run outside, take a moment and be grateful.

Gratitude awakens this cathedral, peace dwells in its folds.

Watch a bird fly over your moment, focus in on an insect on the floor, peace beacons your attention.

Not everything needs to be hurried.

We don’t all need to rush through life.

Peace is awakened in the present, even as you wash the dishes and reflect on the warmth of the water.

Where is your cathedral?

It’s not made of bricks and mortar…it’s the everyday moments awaiting discovery.

Your cathedral can be in the midst of a cacophony, peace dwells there.

Peace abundant.




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