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Place: the car

Poison: water

Favourite things: wooly scarfs

Sometimes I close my eyes and I see dark shadows.

Those shadows are places that scare me. Anxieties of death, disappointment and fear.

Those shadows became more pronounced when I became a mother. The shadows are magnified by the news, the stories of loss, worry and humanity.

I wonder about what if, I am concerned about accidents, I think about possibilities.

What’s your shadow life like?

Do you close your eyes and see darkness?

What do you fear the most?

My shadow life shows me my need of a savior. My shadow life calls me to pray and to reflect.

My shadow life scares me, but forces me to trust in something stronger and more powerful than man.

My shadows are dark, but I serve a higher power that functions in the realm of light.

As I reflect on His power, light shines into those dark places and dissipates the dark creatures that live there.

Everyone has a shadow life.

Shine some truth on it, by acknowledging it’s presence and then find ways to clean it out…



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