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Clean sheets

Place: bed

Poison: water

Favourite things: lying down

Today I have washed and washed, so much so that our bedroom looks like a Chinese laundry.

The dryer has pounded all day, our little alcove outside is full and still I have at least five more loads to go.

Who said holidays were relaxing?

A holiday, a newborn, gym clothes, everyday clothes, lots of rain and a small apartment equals laundry overload!

However tonight i fell back into the soft embrace of freshly laundered linen on my bed and I sighed so loudly, our neighbors probably blushed.

What is it about fresh sheets?

They make you feel like anything is possible. They make your nights sleep feel so much more wholesome. They make you take notice.

I think it’s a fresh canvas. A fresh clean space. It envelopes you.

I think our thought life needs a dose of fresh laundry every so often.

I struggled at times today thinking thoughts that were just not helpful. Jealous thoughts, judgemental thoughts, if only thoughts…

My mind needed a good cleansing and a big hanging out to dry.

How’s your thought life lately?

Holding any unforgivingness?

Annoyed and jaded much?

Take time to wash and cleanse your mind in scripture, it’s one of the only proper washing powders available for your mind.

Laundromat your thinking. Mine definitely needs a good dose.



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