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Place: home

Poison: an apple

Favourite things: the Internet and phone reconnected after the storms

Tonight we watched the DVD Toomelah which is a documentary type of film all about a community of indigenous Australians.

A couple of years ago I went out to an indigenous mission and I was so rocked that poverty so desperate was only a couple of hours flight away in our own country.

This film reminds me of what I saw in wiluna and reminded me once again that the plight of the vunerable is not only found overseas but in our back yards as well.

I think we can all get so passionate about making a difference overseas, yet there is so much need at our doorstep.

What difference can you make in your own neighborhood?

What do you have in your hand that could help another?

In my new season it is easy for me to see my level of participation in the greater good of human kind as really small, yet today as I talked with two single mums who were struggling, as I sat and prayed with a mum in her car, as we listened and encouraged some war torn missionaries, I realised we all have the potential to make a little difference. Which when combined makes a huge one.

Don’t think you can’t start something revolutionary. It may just start with a cup of tea and a listening ear. It may just start with your sewing machine or your crochet hook. It may just begin with your computer and a letter only you can write.

Decide to make a difference in someone’s life today. You never know what that little something could do in another’s life.

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