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I went to the gym earlier today and I listened to a podcast all about conviction. A very old Indian man, who had planted over 2000 churches throughout India, stopped me on the treadmill and completely got my attention.

He really got me thinking about my own convictions.

conviction[ kuh?n-vik-shuh?n ]
1. a fixed or firm belief.
2. the act of convicting.

He made me think…

What would I die for?

What are the convictions of my own life?

Even though I am not in a formal ministry role right now am I living a life of conviction?

Who can I help in my now?

What can I do to put steal in my convictions?

My mind was overwhelmed with questions that I was asking myself (internally of course, Otherwise other gym goers would have thought me mad!), so overwhelmed that I wanted to sit on the end of the treadmill and carefully listen.

In some ways I have used motherhood and this season to allow myself a get out of jail free card. I’ve used statements like ‘when max is older I will…’, ‘when I go back to work I will…’, ‘I’m too tired too…’, ‘I have a newborn to deal with…’, ‘Im stuck at home, I can’t possibly…’.

Conviction lived out does not allow excuses to stop its expression.

Conviction lived out is passionate no matter the circumstance.

Conviction lived out, laughs in the face of opposition.

Conviction is lived out.

I hold many convictions that have become a little pale over the last few months and I have allowed doubt to creep in because of a few circumstances.

No more.

The purpose and design for my life has never changed, it is just flavored a little differently at the moment.

Who says that my convictions can’t be displayed in the mothers and friends circles I now travel?

Who says that I can’t make a significant difference with my communication from behind a computer rather than a stage?

Who says that simple and small isn’t deeply effective?

I am picking up my convictions and living passionately to see life change.

Starting with me.

How about you?

What convicts you?



3 thoughts on “Conviction

  1. Love this.
    Love your heart.
    And loving that message by Ps Thampy –
    half way through it (you know how it is with little people).
    WHAT an inspiration he is!

    1. Hey mrs C,

      I promised myself I was going to start responding to all my comments.

      I know awesome message hey.

      Yes little people are a

      A beautiful distraction.

      Love ya


    2. Ps- when are you going to fairbridge?

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