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Discipline is never a nice word to blog or talk about.

Discipline from others, from god or from ourselves is never easy.

However in my journey, the days of discipline always lead to new days of growth.

Growth is not mandatory for everyone. There are many people who are content with the status quo, content with their shagpile carpet from the 70s, content with their Sunday roasts every week served at 5pm, content with the same seat on the same pew in church hearing the same message year in year out.

Who says that this is not okay?


Good people, good lives.

However I want to live a life of growth. I don’t want to be the same today as I was yesterday. The only way this growth can come is through disciplines.

Telling myself that going to the gym or exercising on the beach is not negotiable, because this discipline brings about a change to my emotions and energy.

Reading my bible and praying are disciplines that are imperative to growth.

Reading books about marriage and doing devotions with my husband, taking time to communicate offenses and ask forgiveness. These are all disciplines in ones life. Disciplines that make growth not negotiable.

Today one of my hero’s Phil Baker, after a serious season of illness, ran a marathon. The discipline this requires for a man who is battling the complications in his world is unbelievable. Yet he does not allow excuses to prohibit his goals.

What excuses do you bring out in the area of disciplines that you need to curb?

What areas are you needing growth in?

I want to be more disciplined this week. I want to grow.

How about you?



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