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Place: home

Poison: water

Favourite things: the dream feed

Every decision we make has consequence.

Every decision we don’t make has consequence also.

Life is won and lost in the decisions we make.

More than often lost in the ones we put off.

What decisions are you avoiding?

What decisions scare you?

What decisions do you need to make for yours and your families future?

Decisions bring about change. Decisions define outcomes. Decisions are imperative.

This week I had a conversation with my husband and my sentence went like this ‘I am making it my goal to do…this week’. In which he quickly replied ‘decide to do it instead, making it your goal means you might do it, decision to do it is very different!’

He totally called my bluff and I needed the challenge.

There are a few things I have made my goal lately to do, yet haven’t really got around to starting them.

Decision point.

Now time to actually do some of them.

How about you?



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