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Poison: Cordial

Favourite Things: Lazy Saturdays

As I begin to let go of the past, something rises deep within my soul.

The awareness of my gratitude for the little things. A heart that is thankful.

When we live beyond regret, when we live content in the day and its portion…we truly have the capacity to declare how fortunate we really are.

Every country I have travelled to I have proclaimed this fact.

How is it, that I forget so easily?

Lebanon; I was so aware of the looming nature of war and death

Thailand; I was so overcome by the abuse of women and their sexuality, children used and abused.

Indonesia; I was surprised by the mix of western progression juxtaposed with slum life and poverty

Europe; I was confused by the opulence which seemed to be stuck in its old money. The dust, the leers and the underbelly.

America; I was appalled at the excess, the super sized wastefulness…

Need I go on…Laos, Burma, New Zealand, Islands…

We truly live in an abundant and fortunate country. Australia is not free from its issues, racism, sharks, the treatment of our indigenous…But…

The more I let go of my issues, I let go of my bitterness, I say goodbye to old seasons, I realise just how blessed I am.

We are blessed.

I have chocolate in my cupboard, a half opened champagne in my fridge, I have a curry cooking on my stove and thought nothing of buying my husband a present today just because we could.

My husband brought me flowers this week, I wear expensive jewellery on my hands…we go on holidays whenever we can, i have family who meet together every week.

I am fortunate.

So are you, you just need to reflect a little and start your list.

I am fortunate.

I am blessed.

Life is too short for regret and bitterness, jealousy and strife.

Let go dear friend.

Forgive dear friend.

Find your fortune in a place outside your bank.

Dig deep and find your treasure, it is awaiting discovery.


2 thoughts on “fortunate

  1. Love this, Amanda. Fabulous perspective and oh so true. Love your heart and spirit!

  2. A MA ZING!!

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