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Robots, balloons and birthday cake

Place: nedlands

Poison: 3rd year old birthday cake

Favourite things: colour

I have had an afternoon full of robots, balloons and birthday cake.

Colour and life and all things three years old.

Our friends, Nadia and ziyhad’s little boy Kareem celebrated in style today.

Red, blue and all things boy…together we celebrated at the toy library.

It was a whole new world.

A world full of colour and delight.

Max is too young to soak it all in, but together we watched spell bound by colour.

Robots, a flurry, all smiley and bright

Balloons, a bouncy creating delight

Birthday cake all creamy lit by candlelight.

Life is full of delightful and chaotic moments.

Colour and life are all around.

Intersect the normal moments and choose life.



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