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Screw that!

Place: the local library

Poison: coke zero

Favourite things: porridge on a winter morning

Sometimes we just need to get a little rough with ourselves.

Sometimes we need to get honest and say ‘Screw that!’

Get rid of it, shout at it, get angry…

Let go of that which weighs us down and set ourselves free.

I’m embarking on a little series, a new one which I have entitled screw that!

Screw perfectionism
Screw control issues
Screw gossip
Screw others opinions
Screw laziness
Screw diva
Screw neediness

To name a few!

Screw those things that hold you down, hold you back.

We’re gonna get a little angry and nail some of the drama queen in all of us and leave some stuff on the dance floor.

Screw it
Screw you!

Talk tomorrow, I’m getting ready for some big changes…



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  1. Sounds good!

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