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Screw Control Issues

Place: My Desk

Poison: Cordial

Favourite Things: my new business ABN

Trust and me do not go together like tea.

I have never been that great with the whole trust scenario…

The problem with this little weakness of mine, is that it defines control issues in my life.

If only I planned a little more, if only I tried a little harder, if only I talked with one more person.

If only…

The problem with if only, is that if only’s never line up all at the same time.

Sickness happens, trains are late, buses don’t come, petrol runs out, wind blows, rain pours, machines break.

Life happens.

There is so much that is out of our control, so why do we even try to hold down that which is uncontrollable.

Why do I try to make my world safe, so that I don’t have to trust many people.

Screw control issues.

Sometimes we just need to roam free and let life happen.

Does that mean we don’t try at all. No, but it means we loosen hold of the grip that ensnares us. We allow the path before us to unfold and we delight in the journey.

My greatest dalliance has been with God.

Asking him, begging him, requiring of him every answer for my future.

(In some ways showing my control issues and lack of trust dilemmas with the Creator of the universe)

Often the times I let go and let God, are the times that I am completely overwhelmed by his grace and provision in my life and so glad I don’t know the ending to that chapter of my story.

Let’s commit to trusting more and trying to predict less.

Let’s commit to praying more and requiring less.

Let’s commit to allowing more and holding tightly to less.

Hold your ideas, thoughts and dreams lighter. You never know a better future may be awaiting as you loosen your grip on the unknown.



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