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Screw gossip

Place: home

Poison: cordial

Favourite things: crocheting a present for a close friend

How often do we get drawn into a conversation that we walk away wishing we’d never been a part of?

How often do we say things we wish we could take back?

Gossip tastes sweet but leaves a terrible aftertaste.

It is easy to be drawn into a conversation that turns terribly wrong so quickly.

The problem with gossip is that it is really destructive. It imprisons people in judgement, criticism and fear.

I am no angel when it comes to this issue, but I try to stop myself or a conversation that is unproductive or critical about someone else.

I find facebook is one of the worst breeding grounds for gossip.

Did you see what ‘blank’ did online, did you see the post ‘blank’ put on ‘blanks’ wall…did you know ‘blank’…

I am making a commitment to myself that I don’t want to be someone who spends my words unwisely.

Proverbs 31: says this…

‘she always has something worthwhile to say and she always says it kindly’

I want to be a woman that completely lives out this scripture. I want to speak with kindness. I want to only bring that which is worthwhile to my conversations and friendships.

Gossip may seem harmless but it’s stench lasts forever. The damage gossip has done to people and relationships is far reaching.

So whose going to say screw gossip with me?

It’s not easy, but carefully choosing out words wisely will make such a difference to our friendships and families.



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